High Grade fibrillated fiber

20 years experience, 20.000.000 m2 industrial floor

Decades of experience. Significant lower reinforcement. Easy handling.

This are the benefits of using High Grade fiber. The fibrillated fiber tailor made for such applications which in addition to its ability to replace steel also positively influences the shrinkage behavior of concrete.
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Concrix macrofiber

The real alternative to steel reinforcement and steel fibers for the precast production

Concrix is a unique bi-componenet polymer macrofiber with structured surface.

The use of Concrix fiber allows precast elements getting thinner and lighter. Fine elements and free forms are technically feasible now.
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Aveeglass Optimo microfiber

It has a very positive effect on the early shrinkage behavor of concrete

Aveeglass Optimo is consisting of numerous extremely fine glass fibers.

It controls nearly 100 % the plastic shrinkage. Therfore it is recommended to use Aveeglass Optimo for outdoor concrete slabs, industrial floors and for design elements.
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